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Ricardo Mendoza

Computer Engineer with experience as full stack web developer, slowly moving into mobile apps development.

Guadalajara, MX


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A website about myself. A virtual place to share a bit about myself, focusing mostly on professional aspects.

Technical specs

Overall, I created this website with standard technologies in the front end (HTML5, Vanilla Javascript and CSS3), avoiding the use of frameworks to keep simplicity not only on the UI but also on the code. In the back end I used Django framework (Python) because of its ease to develop this kind of projects.

Performance and accessibility

Even though this is a small site, I put special attention on accessibility, performance and implementing good development practices.


I love languages! That's why I dedicated some time to write down all the contents in this site on the three languages I speak with most fluency: spanish, english and french. It might not be perfect, but it was a lot of fun!

I couldn't resist: I had to implement "dark mode".